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The Advantages of Documenting Your Building Progress with Construction Photography


Breaking ground on a new home or massive building site is an exciting venture, the beginning of dreams coming true for homeowners and business owners alike. It can also be a long-term, extensive process layered with the nuances and issues of construction. The use of construction photography is vital to documenting progress and avoiding complications.

Photos should be taken at various stages of any building process to ensure that construction is maintained at the highest standard protecting both the builder and the property owner.

There are many milestones that take place during the building process and expert photos should capture the progress at each stage. Any structure, from the smallest cottage to the largest commercial center requires inspections during each part of the operation and only expert photographs can create this exacting representation of the process.

Types of Construction Photos

From ground-breaking to ribbon-cutting the commercial construction photos taken by the expert photographers at 615 Media comprehensively capture the development of foundations, framework, and insulation, plumbing and electrical installation, as well as complete interior and exterior surfaces.

Tracking the progress of each critical phase of building construction again protects both the owners and builders as a form of quality control and estimating timelines. Commercial construction is extremely robust, and no builder wants to lose contracts to competitors. Expert construction photography is the gold standard to visually convey the quality and integrity of your buildings and the process required to meet buyers’ expectations.

Why Take Photos of You’re your Building Throughout the Construction Process

Construction photos don’t only depict the tangible structure for aesthetic appeal. They are also a necessary tool to document and protect each part of the process.

Building have schedules to maintain and time-stamped photos are useful to keep site crews accountable. Consistently taken photos can help decision-makers who can’t always be onsite assess and update schedules as needed and demonstrate progress to stakeholders.


Construction photos are also an invaluable tool documenting any problems that could arise and assist in solving disputes especially if damage or injuries occur. Location inspections using photos or aerial video can capture up to date photos that document site progress step by step again ensuring that builders are giving their buyers authentic images of their investment.

In addition to documenting the logistics of building projects, great construction photos using cutting edge cameras in the hands of skilled photographers from 615 Media are a powerful marketing tool to entice potential customers. Photos can be uploaded to multiple media platforms to leverage the buying potential of a wide range of demographics from the first-time homeowner to a real estate entrepreneur.

Construction Photography Builds Clients

The use of high-quality construction photos is a critical component in the vibrant real estate market. They provide more than the visual images needed for customers to check the progress of their homes or commercial buildings. Construction photography adds layers of security and accountability to ensure that projects are meeting schedules, adhering to safety standards, and creating accessibility for all stakeholders.

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